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Founded in 2006 and named in honor of a first American born Orthodox priest, Fr. Sebastian Dabovic, a pioneer of the Orthodox Church in the West, Sebastian Press is one of the largest and most active publishers of Christian Orthodox publications on the West Coast. Read More...


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Stamatis Skliris Collection




The Dynamic Earth
Stamatis Skliris'  Vision of the Past, Present, and Future
of American Natural Treasures

Thunder Springs, North Rim, $600

Niagara Falls 2, $700
Grand Canyon, $700
Arizona Cactus, $700
Sedona Cathedral Rock $1.300
Melody of Waters $600
Hollywood Hill, $700
Malibu 1, $1,000
Malibu 2, $850
Jordan Pond & Bubbles, $800
Fireweed & Arctic Cotton, $800
Buffalo, $1,900
Nighttime in Arizona, $1,900

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Annual 2011

annual 2011 200pxThe 2011 Annual, dedicated to the Commemoration the Ninetieth Anniversary of the Establishment of the First Serbian Diocese for America and Canada (1921-2011), is a comprehensive overview of the life of the Western American Diocese of the Serbian Orthodox Church in North and South America. It is adorned with beautiful photographs from parishes within the Diocese and from various events. It also shares, through its articles, all of the wonderful work that has been done over the past year. This publicaton includes a Directory of Parishes and news about our important ongoing ministries.

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    Annual 2011

  • Author: Western American Diocese
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