Orthodox Christian Education - An Unending Activity Of Our Parishes And Our Homes

masthead bible bowl 650px 300pxOrthodox Christian Education is an ongoing activity that takes place every day in our local parish and our homes. Yes, every community activity, e.g., luncheon, parish annual assembly, Sunday school, folklore practice, choir rehearsal, etc. is an educational activity.


National Youth Conference 2013



DAY FIVE - The 8th Annual Youth Conference of the Serbian Orthodox church has come and gone. 

The final day we celebrated Divine Liturgy with the parishioners of St. Sava Serbian Orthodox Church in Cypress, TX.  Following services the church treated us to a fantastic lunch.  Thank you to Father Dejan and all of the members of St. Sava.  The following link will take you to my last set of pictures of the conference.  


Thanks to all of the teens, parents, clergy and chaperones who made this year’s conference possible.  Next year we will be in Los Angeles, CA for the 9th annual conference.  See you in LA!

DAY FOUR - For the fourth day of the conference we participated in a service project at the Houston Food Bank.  Take a look at the pictures to see the kind of work they did.  Then we went to the Johnson Space Center for the afternoon.  We ended the day with a wrap up session to tie up the week’s activities.  My pictures from the fourth day can be accessed via the following URL:


We continue to have a great conference and are excited to join the parishioners of St. Sava Serbian Orthodox Church in Cypress, TX for Divine Liturgy before we conclude the conference and head home.

DAY THREE - We are now well into the night on Day 3. It is after 12:30 am CT and we are tired.  The teens keep us running, but the conference is going very well.    Today we had our last discussion session.  Then we went to a local public pool and went swimming, it was 101 degrees so the water really helped cool things off, and had extended free time that included a social activity and pick up games like soccer, Frisbee, and indoor activities.  My pictures from the third day can be accessed via the following URL:


We have a very busy day tomorrow so I am going to turn in for the evening.  We are having a great time and look forward to our off campus activities tomorrow including a service project at the Houston Food Bank and a visit to the Johnson Space Center.

DAY TWO - It is late into the second night of the conference and we are having a fantastic time!  For those who are new to the conferences, I try to post some pictures on my FaceBook page and send updates periodically during the week.  So, below you will find a link to the FaceBook album that you can access whether you are a FaceBook user or not.  Also, if you are on FaceBook, feel free to friend me and you will see new photos as soon as I add them.


After checking in on Wednesday we had a nice ice-breaker session where the teens got to know each other a bit better.  Then on Thursday we had two discussion sessions and this evening had movie night.  We had a great day on campus and are anxious to see what Friday and Saturday have in store for us.

Thanks for all of your support and please continue to pray for us,

Chris Radanovic

Source: serborth.org

Orthodox Christian Education


All this is to say that children must be able to discover authentic Orthodox Christianity in their home. Children should be able to see their parents praying before their home altar or icon corner. They should see their parents burning incense before icons, and lighting the vigil lamp and candles. Ideally, every room in the house should have an icon hung on the wall. The icon corner or home altar should have a Bible, a Cross, a prayer book, The Prologue, an icon of Jesus Christ, an icon of the Theotokos, an icon of the home partron saint, and a vigil lamp. 

Evenings are an opportune times for the family to reflect on the day, pray together, read the Lives of the Saints, make the sign of the Cross, read Scripture, or simply to share a family story. 
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