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Bishop Maxim Visits Mexico City

mexico-city-2013-066Mexico City, Mexico, May 12, 2013 - His Grace Bishop Maxim of Western America made his second official visit to the Orthodox faithful in Mexico, May 8- 12, 2013, together with V. Rev. Blasko Paraklis. They arrived in Mexico City on Wednesday, May 8, 2013. During this visit, Abraham, a native of Mexico and a graduate of the St. Tikhon's Academy, served as their guide. The pastoral-episcopal responsibility of the bishop of Western America to the Serbian residents living in Mexico is expressed in the decisions of the Holy Assembly of Bishops. Our fellow Serbs living in this city and the surrounding areas were informed that the Divine Liturgy would be served in the coming days in Holy Trinity Russian Monastery

Holy Friday, Saint Steven's Cathedral

holy-friday-2013-06A Message from His Grace, Bishop Maxim
on Great & Holy Friday

On the afternoon of Good Friday, we conduct the service of the Great Vespers with great solemnity. This Vesper service concludes the remembrance of the events of the Lord's passion, and leads us towards watchful expectation as we contemplate the mystery of the Lord's descent into Hades, the theme of Great Saturday In popular language the Vesper Service of Great Friday is often called the Apokathelosis, a name derived from the liturgical reenactment of the deposition of Christ from the Cross.

Bishop Maxim Celebrated His Krsna Slava - The Feast of Saint Lazarus

 dsc0020Alhambra, CA - His Grace Bishop Maxim celebrated his Krsna Slava, Lazarus Saturday, on Saturday, April 27, 2013. Bishop Maxim officiated at the Holy Hierarchical Divine Liturgy with the clergy from Saint Steven's Cathedral and a few hundred Orthodox faithful. The festal Slava Service was held in the main hall and was followed by a delicious luncheon prepared by the Diocesan Kolo Sprkih Sestara. Many Clergy from neighboring churches arrived after having served Lazarus Saturday services in their own parish.

A very joyous and Sretna Slava to His Grace. Eis polla eti despota!

Bishop Maxim Visit's Anderson Parish

bishop3St, Andrew Fool-for-Christ Church in Anderson, CA was visited by His Grace, April 13 and 14th.  We had a very nice Vespers service which was followed by a meeting in which many aspects of parish life were discussed.  I think the most important point that was raised by Bp Maxim was the need to accept people where they are in life, just as Christ did.  Expectations will be disappointed unless we learn to forbear one another and hold fast to the teachings of Christ and His Church.

The next morning we had a Hierarchal Liturgy which was served by His Grace, Hieromonk Damascene from St Herman's Monastery, Fr Dn Philip Mayer and four acolytes. 

The service was attended by nuns from St Xenia Skete in Wildwood and four other monks from St Herman's Monastery.  His Grace stayed for our trapeza meal and again shared his extensive knowledge of the Holy Fathers.  He also presented to our church a print of an icon of Jesus Christ Pantocrator painted by his iconography teacher.  We are very grateful for the thoughtful gift and have a wonderful place to hang it.

His Grace left in the early afternoon but not until after many extended goodbyes.

Sunday of Orthodoxy in San Francisco

image 1Saturday, March 23rd, 2013, San Francisco, California—For the sixth consecutive year, the Canonical Orthodox Bishops of the West Coast gathered to celebrate the Sunday of Orthodoxy. This year the Hierarchs and faithful celebrated the Sunday of Orthodoxy Vesper services at the Los Altos at the Church of the Redeemer. 

On the first Sunday in Lent, we commemorate the decision of the Seventh Ecumenical Council in 787 A.D. upholding the use of holy icons in Orthodox worship. We also commemorate today the unity of Orthodox belief and the oneness of our Faith throughout our various jurisdictions, nations and languages and across the continents and the centuries.



Bishop Maxim Visits Colorado

IMG 2372Sunday, February 3, 2013 Lakewood, CO—As the sun was settling over the snow-covered peaks of the Rocky Mountains, local priests and a small crowd of faithful Christians awaited the arrival of His Grace Bishop Maxim at Denver International Airport for his pastoral visit to the church community in Lakewood, Colorado. With His Grace also arrived two esteemed guests, V. Rev. Predrag Puzovic, Ph.D, Dean of the University of Belgrade Theological Faculty, and Prof. Bogdan Lubarda. After the sincere welcome and a few minutes spent at the airport, the group headed for

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