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Church Slava celebration at St. George Serbian Orthodox Church in San Diego

004Abbot of Visoki Decani, Fr. Sava and Hieromonk Dimitrije participated in the celebration at St. George Serbian Orthodox Church in San Diego, California

            On the eve of the fourth Sunday of Pascha and the feast day of Venerable Theodore Trichinas, Venerable Joasaph of Serbia and St. Nicholai of Zicha, the bishop of the Western American Diocese, His Grace Maxim, together with his honored guests, the abbot of the Visoki Decani monastery, Fr. Sava, and Hieromonk Dimitrije participated in the Vespers service and visited St. George Serbian Orthodox Church in San Diego, California.

            This was the first visit of the Decani monastery abbot to San Diego. On the invitation of His Grace Maxim, he visited several parishes in the West where he eloquently spoke in the Serbian and English languages outlining the life and struggles of the Serbian Orthodox Church and her remaining faithful flock in Kosovo and Metohija.

Abbot Sava Continues His Journey in California

2015 05 02 escondido 003Током посете северној и јужној Калифорнији, игуман Сава Дечански је одржао низ предавања о животу Цркве на Косову и Метохији. Тако је на Универзитету Беркли говорио о монографији ”Хришћанско наслеђе Косова и Метохије” (28. априла), а потом у Холивуду (29. априла), Сан Габријелу (30. априла) и Сан Маркосу (1. маја) о духовним и политичким изазовима живота на Косову и Метохији.

У суботу 2. маја, у манастиру Сретења Господњег у Ескондиду, игуман Сава је на Светој Литургији саслуживао месном Епископу, а у недељу 3. маја у оквиру Славе Светог Георгија у истоименој парохији, о. Сава Дечанац је главни гост на свечаном банкету.


Bishop Maxim and Dečani Fathers Visit the St. Herman Monastery

2015 04 28 platina leadOn Monday, April 27, 2015, His Grace Bishop Maxim visited the St. Herman of Alaska Serbian Orthodox Monastery in Platina, California, together with Abbot Sava and Hieromonk Dimitrije of the ancient monastery of Dečani in Kosovo. His Grace celebrated the Divine Liturgy, with five priests concelebrating: the two fathers from Dečani; Abbot Damascene and Hieromonk Paisius of St. Herman's; Priest Nektarios Rozadilla of the St. George Greek Orthodox Church in Redding, California; and Priest George Elliott of the St. Andrew Serbian Orthodox Church in Anderson, California. During the Liturgy, Abbot Sava tonsured a novice of the St. Herman Monastery, Br. Patrick, as a riassaphore-monk, with the new name of Cassian, after the great monastic father St. John Cassian.

Недеља Мироносица у Заливу Сан Франциска Sunday of Myrrhbearing women in San Francisco

001У оквиру посете Сједињеним Америчким Државама, Игуман Сава Дечански посетио је Српску заједницу у Заливу Сан Франциска. Као гост Западноамеричке Епархије, он је у Недељу Мироносица, 26. априла 2015. године, са Епископом Западноамеричким Максимом посетио парохију при Саборном храму Светог Јована Крститеља у Сан Франциску и саслуживао Епископу на Светој Литургији, уз јеромонаха Димитрија, сабрата манастира Дечани и пароха Саборног храма Ђурице Гордића.

Parish Slava Celebration in Boise

006On Sunday of Antipasha, a small parish community in Boise, celebrated its Parish Slava – The Holy Resurrection of Christ. The Divine Liturgy was celebrated by His Grace, Bishop Maxim, with concelebrating priests: Archimandrite Nektarios Serfes, Presbyter Milan Dragovic, and with many people from the Greek Parish and the Church of St. Archangel Michael in Salt Lake City.

At the conclusion of the Divine Liturgy, after breaking the Slava bread, Bishop Maxim gave a very valuable gift - a monograph,“The Christian Heritage of Kosovo and Metohija”, to Fr. Nektarios who is a great friend of Serbian people of Kosovo. Bishop Maxim, also thrilled and delighted the children with his famous “candy rain”!


Our Lady of Los AngelesOn the Saturday of Bright Week, April 18 2015, at the St. Steven’s Cathedral in Alhambra, Los Angeles, the Feast of Our Lady Queen of the Angels (Los Angeles) was celebrated for the first time, as we read from the Synaxarion: On this day, the Saturday of Bright Week, we celebrate the Synaxis of our All-holy Lady the Theotokos and Ever-virgin Mary, the Queen of all and Sovereign Lady of the Angels, protectress and unfailing intercessor of our holy diocese of Los Angeles. The special liturgical service (Akolouthia) for this Feast-day was composed on the Holy Mountain of Athos by Athanasios, Hieromonk of Simonopetra Monastery, Hymnographer of the Holy Great Church of Christ, at the request of His Grace Bishop Maxim of Western America. The Service was translated from Greek language into English by Norman Russell.

The celebration of the Feast-day began on Friday evening with the Vesper service and continued the next morning with Matins, which incorporated the beautiful Paschal and Feast-day hymns sang for the first time in our Cathedral by Bishop Maxim and Fr. Nikola Ceko.

The Feast celebration continued with the Hierarchical Divine Liturgy officiated by His Grace Bishop Maxim with the concelebrating priests of the local Western American Diocese and other Orthodox Jurisdictions of the West: Fr. John Constantine (Metropolis of San Francisco of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese), Fr. Christopher Horsley (Western American Diocese of the Russian Orthodox Church) and Fr. Norman Kosanovich, Fr. Blasko Paraklis, and Fr. Borislav Jegarski (Western American Diocese of the Serbian Orthodox Church). In his sermon, His Grace Bishop Maxim thanked the clergy and the faithful for their prayerful visitation and expressed his hope that this Feast-day of all Orthodox Christians in Los Angeles will grow in the hearts of the faithful in the course of time.

Following the Divine Liturgy the faithful gathered for a luncheon, graciously prepared by Cathedral priests, Fr. Nikola and Fr. Norman, and an afternoon of fellowship.

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