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SerbFest in Arcadia, California

2017arcadiaserbfest 045SerbFest 2017 in Arcadia, California was a great success! Guests enjoyed live music, delicious food, dancing, and fellowship.  This was the parish's first Serbfest which was held on Saturday and Sunday, February 4-5, 2017. Many parishioners and guests from neighboring parishes and the local community came to enjoy the festivitives.  


Bishop Maxim Visits Eugene and Portland, Oregon!

20160114 eugene portland 09Епископ Максим посетио Јуџин и Портланд поводом Храмовне славе Св. Aрхиђакона и Првомученика Стефана.

Парохија Св. првомученика и Архиђакона Стефана у Портланду, Орегон прославила је свечано своју храмовну славу, дочекавши свог драгог Архијереја Владику Максима.

Цела метропол регија Портландска је под снежним покривачем и неубач ​a  ј ​e   ним хладнијим температурама него обично.

У суботу 14. јануара је Епископ Максим, поводом празника Обрезања Господњег и Св. Василија Великог служио Архијерејску Литургију у Јуџину. Саслуживали су протопрезвитер Давид Лублинер, презвитер и Архијерејски намесник Бјутски Видослав Вујасин из Портланда као и Ђакон Стивен Дајер из Јуџина. 

Christmas Open House

2017 christmas open house12On Tuesday, January 10th, 2017, His Grace Bishop Maxim & the Dioesan Kolo Srpskih Sestara hosted a special Christmas Open House at the Bishop's Residence. Clergy and many guests from throughout the Southern California came to join His Grace Bishop Maxim for this Christmas & New Year Celebration. The evening was enjoyed by all and provided a warm casual atmosphere for friends and families to visit and share memories from the past year and hopes and plans for the future. 


Episcopal Nativity Greeting



Serbian Father's Day at St. Petka Church with Bishop Maxim

san marcos 07Данас у нашој светој Цркви, у ову недељу пред Божић - на празник Оци - Његово Преосвештенство Епископ западноамерчки Г. Максим служио је са Протом Миланом и Протом Милованом Свету Архијерејску Литургију. Након Литургије, на овај празник када се везујемо и дрешимо даровима љубави у припреми великом празнику Христовог Рођења, наша су деца везала владику Максима а он је им је поделио поклоне и подарио благослов.

Today in our holy St. Petka Church, on this Sunday before Christmas - on Serbian Father's Day - His Grace Bishop Maxim of Western America served the Holy Hierarchical Divine Liturgy together with Prota Milan and Prota Milovan. After liturgy, on this holiday when our fathers are tied up and have to be untied through their gifts of love, all in preparation for the Feast of the Lord's Nativity, our children tied up Bishop Maxim and he bought his freedom by giving them gifts and his blessing.

Diocesan Kolo Srpskih Sestara Celebrates Slava

SKSS Slava 2016 038

 On Sunday, December 4, 2016, at the Cathedral of Saint Steven in Alhambra, California, the Kolo Srpskih Sestara of the Western American Diocese celebrated their Krsna Slava, the Feast of the Entrance into the Temple of the Most Holy Theotokos. 

His Grace Bishop Maxim celebrated the Divine Liturgy with V. Rev. Nicholas Ceko, Cathedral Dean, Rev. Norman Kosanovich, Cathedral Assistant Priest, and  V. Rev. Ilija Dajkovic, together with the members of the Diocesan SKSS from throughout the Diocese and many parishioners of the Cathedral and neighboring parishes.  

SKSS Slava 2016 040Following the Divine Liturgy, V. Rev. Predrag Bojovic, SKSS spiritual father and priest at the St. Sava Church in San Gabriel, joined in the Slava Service held in the Cathedral hall just prior to the Slava Banquet, which was perpared by the Saint Steven's Cathedral Women's Auxiliary.  

The honored Slava Kuma was Protinica Radmila Vasiljevic, the mother of His Grace Bishop Maxim. In the absence of the SKSS president, Ana Velickovich, 1st Vice President, and Bernadette Polich, Financial Secretary extended a warm welcome and greetings to all who attended. Ana in her remarks stressed the importance of the ministry of the Diocesan Circle of Serbian Sisters and encouraged support of the many events and fundraisers held by the Diocesan KSS. 

The Ministry of the Circle of Serbian SistersFor more information about the Diocesan Kolo Srpskih Sestara, the St. Sebastian Orthodox Press of the Western American Diocese has published a beautifully illustrated brochure entitled, "The Ministry of the Circle of Serbian Sisters - Kolo Srpskih Sestara" which gives a history of the contributions of the Women's Organizations throughout our Western American Diocese and describes the important ministry of the Diocesan Kolo Srpskih Sestara in the Life of our Church. This book is available from our Sebastian Press Bookstore.


St. Sava Jackson Celebrates Feast of St. Sebastian

    2016 11 26 jackson 0034On November 26th and 27th, the faithful of St. Sava Jackson gathered to commemorate the founders of the parish and the Feast of St. Sebastian of Jackson and San Francisco.
    The two-day event began with Great Vespers on Saturday evening.  At the invitation of His Grace Bishop Maxim, His Eminence Archbishop Benjamin (OCA, San Francisco) attended the service which was led by Fr. Stephen Tumbas.  Following vespers, the clergy with their wives and the bishops dined at the National Hotel.
    Sunday morning, his Grace Bishop Maxim led the local clergy in a Matins service at 8:30 am.  His Eminence Archbishop Benjamin, Very Rev. William Weir (Holy Assumption S.O.C., Fair Oaks) and Rev. Andrew Jacobs (Elevation of the Holy Cross, OCA, Sacramento) joined Bishop Maxim and the local clergy, Fr. Steve, Protodeacon Triva Paul and Deacon Dragan Stojanovich, for the Divine Liturgy at 9:30 am.
    Archbishop Benjamin delivered the homily, reminding everyone to use the Advent season to focus on personal introspection in order to renew our spiritual relationship with God the Father and our Lord, Jesus Christ. The Gospel reading for the day described the man who called himself “Legion”, one possessed by many demons. His Eminence urged each of us to work to restore the image and likeness of God that we were given at birth.  He told us that we must cast away our own demons just as Christ cast out the demons from Legion.  His Eminence also commented on the unique Orthodox spirit of St. Sebastian.  St. Sebastian reached out to all the Orthodox in every community that he visited.  He unified people of many nationalities to worship together. This enabled them to found parishes throughout the western states, many of which still exist today in both the Serbian Western American Diocese and the Orthodox Church in America.
    After the conclusion of the Divine Liturgy, His Grace Bishop Maxim, led a memorial service for the departed members of the Saraba family.  Ever since the passing of Cedo Saraba, the entire Saraba family has gathered on this day to honor their relatives and have the family grave blessed.  Lazar Saraba also graciously underwrites the expense of the Founders Day luncheon.

    Our K.S.S. St. Petka prepared a traditional bakalar meal under the guidance of Dorothy (Danica) Milosovich.  All who attended enjoyed a day of unity and fellowship in the presence of the two hierarchs.  ​The entire Parish eagerly awaits the arrival of its new priest Fr Marko and his wife Biljana Bojovic. ​

 Please mark your calendars to join us again next year--Sunday, November 26, 2017.




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