Archbishop Demetrios of America, A Letter to Bishop Maxim

angier 150904 st sebastian canonization 1864ARCHBISHOP DEMETRIOS OF AMERICA

Your Grace and Beloved Brother in Christ, Bishop Maxim,

It was a true source of joy for me to participate in the services and festivities surrounding the canonization of the two clerics who served in North America in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, His Grace Bishop Mardarije and Archimandrite Sebastian. I write to you today to thank you for inviting me to be a participant and guest in this mostauspicious occasion in the life of the Serbian Orthodox Church in America and the Orthodox Church across the oecumene.

I am most appreciative of all the gestures of graciousness extended to me. How inspirational it was to witness the vibrancy of your flock in their eager participation inthe weekend events from the majestic church services to the impressive oratorical festival, the spirited dancing, the melodic singing, and the well organized and elegant banquet.

I reiterate my heartfelt thanks. May the intercessions of Saints Mardarije and Saint Sebastian offer to God the prayers and supplications of all the faithful. With myprayers for your health and well being and my best wishes for your archpastoral ministry, I remain

With love and esteem in Christ,

Demetrios of America
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